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(Board and Train Program is a 3 week program that includes 3 private sessions during the program while dog is with trainer, and 3 private sessions after the program to transfer all information. )

Board and Train Program allows the dog to live in home with a trainer full time for 2 weeks. The dog will learn all advanced obedience, in home manners, addressing behavioral issues, learning how to properly socialize with my pack of dogs, and be involved in the trainer's day to day life. This will include everyday outings to expose the dog to public places like parks, stores, malls, restaurants, and crowded places. This is most recommended for a dog with a behavioral issue that could benefit from daily rehabilitation. - $2,500

*Additional week needed for dogs with behavioral issue +$1,000

PREREQUISITE: Dog must be crate trained to be considered for the board and train option.

Board and Train Program: Services
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