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(Each lesson is a 1 hour long session)

Base Package (6 Sessions): We focus on the intro to all basic obedience and leash heeling/manners. We will learn sit, down, stay, place work, leave it, and recall. We will also be learning how to read basic body language, and how to set daily structure, rules, and boundaries to create a good starting foundation for you and your dog.  - $600

Intermediate Package (12 Sessions): You will receive everything in the first package (sit, down, stay, place work, leave it, recall) along with introducing the intro to off-leash with your dog. We will also be adding the 3 D’s to all commands which are: distance, distraction, and duration to lock in what they learn in more challenging situations. We also start to switch up environments and train in public spaces other than my home base park, this would be considered an outing. This package is ideal if you have a dog with a slight behavioral issue, we use the sessions to determine and address the issue  - $1,200

Pro Package (16 Sessions): You learn all advanced commands with heavy distractions (everything included in Intermediate package). The dog is learning to be compliant off-leash with guidance of a 20’ long line (if dog has a reactive behavioral issue the progress may be determined based on dog and owners relationship/progress). This package is ideal if you have a dog with a non-severe behavioral issue, I teach you how to determine and address this issue. After dog has learned to tackle behavior, we get them ready for the real world with some outings! - $1,800

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