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(Tailored for puppies without full vaccinations under 5 months old. This package includes 2 private in home sessions, each session is 1 hour long.This is only for dogs located in the local San Jose area.) - $200

This package is tailored to meet the needs of any puppy under 5 months old of age who has not been fully vaccinated. Our normal packages are meant to be held in outside environments, but for a puppy who has not been vaccinated and has restrictions to the outside world, we offer private in home lessons. With these private lessons we go over any problems you are having with your puppy, and also help to set up a daily routine that will set you and your pup up for success. Below are the things that will be worked on during the 2 lessons. 

- Basic rules of the home

- Boundaries in the home

- Crate training / rules

- Leave it

- Proper play / Exercise

- Address puppy biting 

- Address any unwanted behaviors

- Potty training

- Separation anxiety

- Proper feeding routine

- Impulse control

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